The GAT-12h "Skipray" was part of the GAT Blastboat series produced by Sienar Fleet Systems.


The GAT-12h "Skipray" was a twenty-five meter long Blastboat.[2] Equipped with a Class 2 hyperdrive and a navigation computer limited to four hyperspace jumps,[1] the GAT-12h was capable of reaching speeds of 1,200 kilometers an hour in atmosphere.[2] The GAT-12h required a crew of four;[1] two crew and two gunners.[2]

The GAT-12h was armed with an impressive array of weaponry, including three medium Mendarn Arms Dar-2 ion cannons, 2 Senko Systems 5000x2 "Tru-Lok" laser cannons mounted in a turret, a starboard proton torpedo launcher, and a port concussion missile launcher.[5]


The GAT-12h "Skipray" was the most popular variant of the GAT Blastboat series produced by Sienar Fleet System in service to the Galactic Empire.[1]

The first GAT-12h Skipray Blastboats were released prior to the Battle of Yavin.[3] Due to costs the Imperial Navy didn't purchase all the vessels produced and Sienar eventually sold the blastboat to the private market, that way the Skipray was adquired by mercenaries and paramilitary groups.[5]

Although the 12h was followed by many GAT-12 variants, by 8 ABY the smuggler Talon Karrde still used GAT-12h blastboats at Myrkr.[4]



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