The GAT-12j "Skipray" was part of the GAT Blastboat series produced by Sienar Fleet Systems.


The GAT-12j "Skipray" was a twenty-five meter long blastboat, equipped with a Class 2 hyperdrive and a navigation computer limited to four hyperspace jumps. The GAT-12j was capable of reaching speeds of 1,200 kilometers an hour in atmosphere.[1]

It required a crew of four and was armed with an impressive array of weaponry, including three medium ion cannons, two laser cannons, a proton torpedo launcher, and a concussion missile launcher.[1]

The GAT-12j had some improvements over the GAT-12h, ammunition bays were larger[2] and gunnery duties were distributed more evenly.[4]


The GAT-12j "Skipray" was one of the most popular version of the GAT-12 Skipray Blastboats, produced by Sienar Fleet Systems in service to the Galactic Empire.[1]

The GAT-12j was the final version of the GAT-12h. It was in production months before the Battle of Endor and was released a few weeks after that event.[5][2]

By 9 ABY the GAT-12j Skipray was the most common model in use.[3]



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