The GPE-7300 was sturdy and fast space transport built by Galactic Power Engineering.


Azlyns ship land

A GPE-7300 in landing configuration.

The freighter had two oversized engines that were mounted on the bottom of the ship. This provided excellent atmospheric thrust and high speeds in space. The body was boxy and not very aesthetically pleasing, but efficient. The ship did not have high cargo capacity, and was more of a long-range shuttle than a true freighter.[1]

It landed perpendicular to the ground which allowed it to use its primary thrusters for lift and reduced the strain on the repulsorlift engines. The cockpit was at a 90 degree angle compared to the rest of the ship.[1]


The GPE-7300 followed the Galactic Power Engineering's designs for airspeeders and podracers and was designed by the same engineers that created the GPE-3300 airspeeder. It was often used by smugglers and bounty hunters who didn't need large cargo carrying capability. Azlyn Rae used one such ship to track down Cade Skywalker on Iego.[1]



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