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The GR-75 medium transport was a transport used by the Rebel Alliance and its predecessors during the Galactic Civil War.[3] At least one was used by the rebellion,[2] and a number served at the Battle of Scarif.[5] They served as an escape craft to evacuate the rebels from an assault on Hoth[3], and also participated in the decisive Battle of Endor.[6]

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Known shipsEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

The GR-75 transport first appeared in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back. Star Wars in 100 Scenes, a reference book published in August 18, 2014 identified the Rebel transport as GR-57 transport. Ultimate Star Wars published in April 28, 2015 identifies it as the GR-75 transport, however the official Databank entry lists it as a "GR-75 medium transport."



Notes and referencesEdit

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