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"Tirog, are you sure negotiation wouldn't be a better idea?"
―GT-9R, diving for cover as his master opens fire on Gettiarn Space Station guards[src]

GT-9R, nicknamed Niner by his masters, was a protocol droid who served two different bounty huntersTirog and Thannik—around the time of the Galactic Civil War. GT-9R accompanied his masters on several of their adventures, despite his non-combatant programming and his distaste for the rougher side of life. GT-9R was with Tirog during several incidents, including a hostile interview with Imperial Governor Dermeg of Ansillivog, a firefight on Gettiarn Space Station, and a clandestine meeting in the Dancing Dewback cantina. Tirog's enemies, including the crime lord Ploovo Two-For-One, targeted GT-9R as well. "Niner" was also part of Thannik's group during his involvement in a smuggling operation funneling arms to the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and during his own visit to the Dancing Dewback.


Service with TirogEdit

While serving Tirog, GT-9R's non-violent protocol droid programming and somewhat snobbish personality frequently clashed with the hunter's more aggressive style. On one occasion, three armed security guards on Gettiarn Space Station demanded Tirog's surrender. Even as Tirog fired on one of the guards, GT-9R suggested a negotiated settlement. In another incident, the duo visited a cantina called the Dancing Dewback to meet with a Devaronian contact; GT-9R voiced his disdain for the establishment, while Tirog described it as "[his] kind of place." GT-9R did show that he had one trait in common with his master, however: both the hunter and his droid hung back before entering, checking the crowd for any possible danger.[1]

GT-9R was also present during Tirog's confrontation with Imperial Governor Dermeg of Ansillivog, and was targeted along with Tirog by loan shark and crime lord Ploovo Two-For-One. The gangster tried to set up an ambush for GT-9R and Tirog, but the droid helped his master capture two of Ploovo's agents. GT-9R and Tirog were thus forewarned against the trap.[1]

Along with a pirate named Drebble and a child calling himself "Ace," Tirog and GT-9R once visited an open-air marketplace on a world with a bright blue sun. During this visit, the group was accosted by a gambler accompanied by two armed thugs, who had been pursuing them for some time. As the gambler and his cronies fired on the foursome, GT-9R tried to take cover in the nearby bar to which Ace had already fled.[1]

Service with ThannikEdit

GT-9R also visited the Dancing Dewback with Thannik, the outlaw Dirk Harkness, a child named Cev Rees, and a pilot named Rhen. GT-9R's conversation with Thannik on entering the cantina was very similar to his conversation with Tirog during their visit.[2]

Thannik and GT-9R had another adventure involving Rhen and Rees. During the Galactic Civil War, the four of them became involved in a scheme to smuggle blasters to the Rebel Alliance. In the course of this deal, the foursome was followed by a group who claimed Thannik and his associates owed them credits. Their pursuers caught up with them in an open-air market on a world with a blue sun. While Thannik fought their assailants, GT-9R fled to a nearby bar with Rees and Rhen, only to be surrounded by more armed individuals.[2]


Unlike his rough-hewn masters Tirog and Thannik, GT-9R did not enjoy combat. He would not have been a capable combatant anyway, since his programming did not allow him to use weapons. His usual combat tactic was to immediately seek cover, sometimes while continuing to suggest non-violent solutions. GT-9R conducted himself in a genteel manner at all times, even in combat. His personality bordered on the snobbish, especially when dealing with the seamier elements of the galaxy that his masters habitually dealt with.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

GT-9R, together with Tirog, Drebble, and Ace, is one of the characters appearing in "Tirog's Story," a series of gameplay examples in Bill Smith's 1992 roleplaying game book Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, Second Edition, published by West End Games. Niner's player in "Tirog's Story" is identified as "Ted." GT-9R's other adventures with Tirog appear in Appendix One of the rulebook, "Roleplaying Basics."

GT-9R's adventures with Thannik appear in two gameplay examples in Smith's 1996 game book, Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, Second Edition, Revised and Expanded. These examples are reworked and expanded versions of the earlier rulebook's visit to the Dancing Dewback and the shootout in the marketplace, but with Tirog replaced by Thannik and several other player characters appearing. GT-9R's player is named "Paul" in the revised rulebook.


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