"Trying to take on Cragus and GX-99 together is almost suicidal."
Airen Cracken[src]

GX-99 was Cragus 12's security droid and was totally loyal to his owner. He had the basic skills and programming of his line of droids, but had gone through numerous modifications and upgrades to enhance his abilities.


GX-99 was charged with guarding the Claw and did so efficiently, as he hardly ever left the ship. Being programmed with piloting skills, GX-99 would pilot the ship to Cragus' location if ever Cragus 12 was having problems, and fire its quad laser cannon manually at the opposition while Cragus 12 would use his jetpack to board the ship.

Like Cragus 12, GX-99 was wanted by the New Republic for murder as well as abetting known criminals.


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