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Ga'p'tashi was a male Kajain'sa'Nikto, who worked as a privateer during the time of the Galactic Civil War.


Like many members of his species, Ga'p'tashi originally worked as a ship officer and enforcer for a Hutt clan. However, after he had been in his job for a few years, he learned that most species were not ruled by the Hutts, unlike he had been led to believe, so he became angry and left his masters. Ga'p'tashi considered joining the Alliance to Restore the Republic, but was approached by a member of the Tenloss Syndicate, who wanted Ga'p'tashi to work as a privateer and harass Hutt shipping. Ga'p'tashi agreed and the Syndicate assisted him in obtaining an Imperial Customs Frigate, which he named the Nikto Kajidic and acquired a Klatooinian and Nikto crew for.

After disrupting a number of smuggling operations, Ga'p'tashi paid off the debt for his ship and launch an attack on ships in the Hutt-controlled Si'Klaata Cluster. He built up some profits and planned to invest them in buying a second ship and wanted to eventually assemble a small fleet. However, the Hutts reacted to his activities by placing a bounty of 200,000 credits on his head.


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