This article is about the Trandoshan. You may be looking for the title Gaar.

Gaar was a male Trandoshan, who lived in the Cularin system during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


Gaar worked as a barman in the Tolea Biqua franchise of Vanster Enan's Sop House. He was present there during the SoroSuub Anniversary celebration in 31 BBY.

By the time of the Clone Wars, Gaar had became a member of the Believers, a Sith cult that operated in the Cularin system. When the Heroes of Cularin discovered something in the asteroid belt that could be used to destroy the Darkstaff, Len Markus, the leader of the Believers, sent Gaar, Ulis, and some other Believers to travel there and stop the heroes.