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This article is about the religious figure. You may be looking for the moon Gactimus.

Gactimus was a religious figure with a large following among the insectoid Tritonites of the Triton Moons. Even the best religious scholars of the galaxy disagreed about who or what Gactimus was.[1] Galactimus's teachings banned entertainment and stimulants of any kind, making the Triton Moons notorious as being "dead".

Tritonite acolytes were a common site around the galaxy, handing out free tracts on Gactimus encouraging individual enlightenment.

Behind the scenesEdit

Gactimus was created by Jason Fry for Zygerrian Takedown. Fry confirmed Gactimus was a religious figure, and indicated that Gactimus will be further developed in The Essential Atlas.[2] Following these mentions, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia erroneously interpreted Gactimus as being a moon of Triton.[3]


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