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"By Gadfrey, it feels good to tell the truth!"
Lob Doluff[src]

Gadfrey Oseon was a would-be explorer who was trapped in the life of a circus ringleader. His "break" came during a performance on Nal Hutta, when he somehow upset the Hutts and was forced to flee for his life.

He entered the Centrality and discovered the asteroid belt that would later be named for him, the Oseon. Before he could leave, however, he was trapped there for several weeks by the phenomenon that would later be called the Flamewind.

Gadfrey had an inspiration. Beings would eagerly witness this breathtaking wonder of the universe; and if they were trapped by the Flamewind, they would need something to do. To that end, Gadfrey constructed the first of the Oseon's many hotels and casinos. Travelers stranded by the Flamewind would eagerly gamble away their credits until they could leave. And so he began the process of transforming the Oseon into one of the galaxy's most prestigious gambling centers.



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