"Hurry! Speed this thing up! That's an order!"
―Daraada scolding his pilot[src]

Major Gaevril Daraada was often described as a vicious man. While talented, he generally suffered from bad luck which severely slowed his ascendancy through the Imperial ranks.


After the death of Palpatine during the Battle of Endor, Daraada found himself stationed on the Mid Rim backwater world Venaari where he was put in charge of the security of the secret Project Orrad in the city of Ven-Kav.

Daraada hated his assignment, and he hated Venaari and its inhabitants often referring to them as "so-called citizens of the festering backwater planet". But most of all, he hated the Imperial governor of Venaari, Governor Vaerganth, who did not seem to care about project Orrad at all, forever turning down Daraada's requests for better equipment and better security. This annoyed Daraada immensely who feared that eventually the agents of the New Republic would interfere with Orrad. Generally frustrated with his situation, Daraada would take it out on the citizens of Venaari as well as on his Imperial subjects, whom he frequently scolded and abused verbally.

As he saw it, his only hope of getting off Venaari lay in his interrogation and torture skills, which he was quite adept at. He hoped that those particular talents of his would some day earn him enough recognition for a reassignment.