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Gaib was a young male Human who was the partner and mechanic of TK-0. He and TK specialized in stolen industrial technology as a kind of high tech bounty hunters. They had been hired by Kal Skirata to find someone trying to beat the Republic's cloning ban. Providing information to clone commanders Mereel and Ordo, the clones were led to a secret cloning base on Dorumaa.

When Jabba the Hutt's son, Rotta, was kidnapped during the Clone Wars, the crime lord hired Gaib and TK-0 to find the location of his son. They successfully traced Rotta's location to Teth. Jabba was so impressed with the pair's work, he kept them on retainer.

Behind the scenesEdit

Gaib's name is based upon Gabe, one of the protagonists of the popular web-comic Penny Arcade.



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