The Galaaron was a cruiser that was used by the Galactic Republic.


In c. 5000 BBY, during the Great Hyperspace War, the Galaaron discovered the planet Durace, in the Unknown Regions. The starship landed on the planet for a short time, while its crew gathered supplies and made repairs. Before it left, the ship's captain made a short entry in his log about his time on Durace, noting how the crew had enjoyed being able to spend a few hours outside of the Galaaron.

While Durace had seemed pleasant enough to the crew of the Galaaron, at some point after their visit, the world was devastated by a large-scale disaster. A legend claimed that it was the Galaaron that had caused the disaster and that, as a result, its crew had been cursed and forced to remain on the cruiser for thousands of years. In Jedi versions of the legend, the cause of the curse was attributed to the Sith.