The Galacian Gubernatorial election of 44 BBY was the first time a Governor of Gala was chosen democratically. Prior to 44 BBY, the Tallah Dynasty ruled Gala. However, Queen Veda decided to change the planet to a democracy, in order to stem off widespread corruption and popular unrest.[1]

There were three candidates. Deca Brun received widespread support, due his promises of reform and prosperity. Prince Beju, son of Queen Veda, also ran for governor. He believed that he had a right to rule, as the rightful heir to the throne, and opposed the election. The final candidate was Wila Prammi, a former underminister.[1]

Shortly before the election, Jedi Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi discovered that Deca Brun received large campaign contributions from Offworld Mining Corporation. In return, Offworld was to receive extensive mining rights, which would have caused extensive environmental damage. Meanwhile, Beju learned that he was not the true heir to the Galacian throne; Elan, the leader of the hill people, was actually his older half-sister. Beju withdrew from the election, and supported Prammi instead. He also informed the electorate about Deca Brun's unscrupulous deal. Thus, Wila Prammi won by an overwhelming margin, becoming the first governor of Gala.[1]


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