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The Galactic Alliance Army was the ground forces of the Galactic Alliance Defense Force, which was formed from the remnants of the New Republic Army. Two known branches of the Army were the Infantry and the Scouts. The Army's standard uniform color seems to have been a blueish grey, this basic coloration seems to have lasted for almost the entire existence of the GA.

It continued to exist until 127 ABY during the traumatic Sith–Imperial War which saw the Galactic Alliance being defeated by the Second Galactic Empire and their One Sith allies. Following their surrender, the Galactic Alliance Army was disbanded and its members joined the Imperial Army forces. However, a small contingent continued to exist within the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet under the command of Admiral Gar Stazi where they conducted hit-and-run attacks similar to those employed by the Rebel Alliance.[1]



Galactic Alliance Soldiers.



GAG Guard

A Galactic Alliance Trooper


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