"Welcome! Welcome to The Galactic Archives, your one-stop source for everything that's worth knowing. Whatever you want, we have—or we'll get it for you, free..."
―Promotional slogan[src]

The Galactic Archives was an institution on the Inner Rim world of Atzerri which stored and collected information for research during the New Republic era. During his visit to Talos in 16 ABY in the midst of the Black Fleet Crisis, Luke Skywalker came across a satellite shop run by the Archives in the bustling Traders Plaza.

Using the pseudonym Li Stonn, he inquired about information on a publication called The Lost Secrets of the Jedi in an attempt to discover the whereabouts of his mother. The representative claimed he had such a book in stock but referred Stonn to the central archives location by a cab. Skywalker left the shop with several advertisements but was disappointed to find out that most of them were frauds.

It claimed to stock several books including the best-selling The Lost Secrets of the Jedi, Palpatine's Principles of Power, the H'Kig Book of Laws and a book that claimed to hold the "secrets of forming Bilar-type claqa group minds."



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