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The Galactic Empire Public Relations department was an Imperial organization that issued press releases from an Imperial perspective.[1]


When the Earth turned down a popular petition for the construction of a Death Star, the Galactic Empire Public Relations issued a statement shrugging off any criticism towards the Death Star design and denouncing the Earth for grossly overestimating the cost of construction of the space station, while noting their limited manufacturing capabilities in comparison with the Empire. For this release, Governor Wilhuff Tarkin and Admiral Conan Antonio Motti were consulted, the former arguing that such a power could only be utilized as a defensive weapon by Emperor Palpatine. The Public Relations department also insinuated that the decision to not build a Death Star was one made out of cowardice by the planet's leaders.[1]

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In response to the official rejection of a petition for the United States government to "secure resources and funding, and begin construction of a Death Star by 2016,"[2]'s official blog issued a playful in-universe reply as if breaking the news from a Galactic Empire Public Relations department standpoint.[1]


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