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"Mr. Garfield says we HAVE to learn EVERYTHING in the book backward and forward before we even step into a flight simulator. That's RIDICULOUS. Reading a book can't give you the feeling of what flying is like!"
―From the journal of Roan Novachez[src]
Galactic Pilot General Instruction Flight Training Manual and Workbook

The G.P.G.I.F.T.M.A.W.

The Galactic Pilot General Instruction Flight Training Manual and Workbook, commonly abbreviated as the G.P.G.I.F.T.M.A.W., was a training manual for starfighters. Students attending the Jedi academy on Coruscant were expected to study from this book prior to training in flight simulators.[1]

The manual was extremely heavy and technical, several times the size of a normal textbook studied by students at the academy. When Roan Novachez studied there, the manual assigned to him and his fellow classmates was the 9th edition. He quickly became bored with the manual and felt that it wasn't worth his time, as it couldn't give the feeling of actually flying. He soon learned, however, that the information in the manual was actually important.[1]


Ewok Pilot - Flight Manual

An Ewok Pilot comic expressing Roan's initial opinion of the textbook's value.

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