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A calendar system based around the Battle of Yavin during the Galactic Civil War was used to mark different points in time on a collection of maps thought to have been created by the Ithorian artist Gammit Chond. Various events related to the locations shown were marked on the maps with dates from the calender included, with many of the events centering around the exploits of the legendary Skywalker family. Chond never visited any of the locations he is thought to have drawn, and was believed to have based the information they contained on travelers tales, as he never left his homeworld. Dates following the pivotal battle were marked as "ABY" while dates beforehand were marked as "BBY".[1]


The galaxy's earliest recorded events recorded by this calendar occurred in 6021 BBY.[2]

A similar dating system, the Lothal Calendar, was first recorded to be used in 3277 BBY.[3]

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BBY/ABY is also known as Before A New Hope/After A New Hope,[source?] meaning "before/after Star Wars Episode IV".

Star Wars: Galactic Atlas was the first source to use the BBY/ABY in canon.[1]


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