This article is about a soldier. You may be looking for Galak Fyyar, a military scientist serving Lord Hethrir's powerful Empire Reborn faction.

Galak was a volunteer soldier for the Royal Naboo Security Forces.


He was a native of Naboo, and received some of his military training from Captain Quarsh Panaka at the Royal House of Learning. Prior to the Trade Federation invasion, he and Arani Korden, Rorworr, and Rann I-Kanu were tasked by Rann's master to seek out a rumored group of smugglers hiding in a base near Theed. One of Arani's contacts came up with the location of the group after a couple of days. There, they found a hidden smuggler's base led by Saidle Frex. They defeated Frex and his gang and rescued the abducted archaeology professor Tasrah Boh in the process. At the age of 15, he played a minor role as a member of the Naboo Underground in defending Naboo from Trade Federation forces in 32 BBY.

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