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The Gale Team was a military unit of the Rebel Alliance.

It was formed after the Galactic Empire decimated the Kwuennox Smugglers, a criminal organization. The survivors of that association, including leader Ozik Poyiu, joined the Rebel Alliance and the group became the Gale Team, an Alliance freighter unit.

Soon after the Wellte-ir Massacre, Poyiu could no longer command the Gale Team. Most of the members wanted another former smuggler to replace Poyiu; however, pilot Aven Cholus, a survivor of the Wellte-ir Massacre, was promoted instead. Even though she brought her own Anxarta-class freighter with her, the Agent, she was disliked because of her non-criminal background. Similarly, Cholus was not familiar with the smugglers' MO. She was also very depressed because she blamed herself for the losses on Wellte-ir. Due to all this, the Gale Team experienced a decrease in their efficiency. Cholus was blamed for that, demoted and moved away from the Gale Team.


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