This article is about the High Lord. You may be looking for other Galens.

Galen Panos was the High Lord of House Reena during the Imperial Era, and at the time of the Battle of Hoth, had been in office for about 30 years. His reign as High Lord was quiet, in contrast to his predecessor. He was popular with the public and the influential nobles of his house alike and seemed content with House Reena's position in the Tapani sector. Under Galen's leadership, House Reena controlled the votes in the Great Council that gave the Mecetti-Calipsa-Reena coalition power.

Lord Panos was a former dean of the Reena University and kept his influence and interest in the affair of the institution. He was a brilliant man who held degrees in a number of scientific fields, and was a master computer programmer. Although not widely known, he had a neuro-computer jack to facilitate the download of information directly into his brain.