Galim Eddawan was a male Human senator who represented Tyan in the Galactic Senate of the Republic.


In 76 BBY, the Jedi Knight Dooku and his Padawan Qui-Gon Jinn discovered a ship dead in hyperspace while escorting Senator Blix Annon on a diplomatic assignment. They received a distress message from someone who claimed to be Joli Ti Eddawan, the daughter of Galim Eddawan. She said that the ship had been attacked by space pirates, who had killed her father and everyone else in the crew, and that she was running out of oxygen. When Blix Annon's aide, Eero Iridian, researched the Eddawans to find out if Joli's story was true, he discovered that Galim Eddawan had been scheduled to arrive at port station Alpha Nonce the day before, but never had.

When they tried to rescue Joli, the ship came to life and opened fire on them. As it turned out, Lorian Nod, a failed Jedi, was piloting the ship. It would later be discovered that the Senator and his daughter had been killed during the incident.



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