The Galactic Games Council, also known as the Council of the Games, was the group of individuals in charge of overseeing the Galactic Games on Euceron in 26 BBY.

Liviani Sarno was the head of the Galactic Games Council. Maxo Vista, Euceron's celebrated star athlete and a Sarno-nominated member of the Commerce Guild, was also on the council. Council member Bog Divinian was responsible for VIP skybox seating during the Games (his datapad, it turned out, also harbored falsified records of games bet-taking from many illustrious senators).

Obi-Wan Kenobi discovered that both Sarno and Vista were complicit in a "fixed" or rigged Galactic Games event (specifically, the swoop obstacle course at Stadium Five, which ended in Alderaan's favor—prefabricated, falsified "sure wins" for the planet and its senator Bail Organa). The Council conspiracy moreover used an unwary Divinian, manipulating him in the games betting scheme without his knowledge. This they did as part of their plan to secure for Euceron more power and prestige in the Galactic Senate by destroying the reputations of the senators who opposed Commerce Guild legislation that would give the guild control of banking practices in the Core Worlds—while its controlling members, which included Vista, simultaneously earned fortunes beyond measure (bribes had also been made antecedent to the final Senate vote); the game bets were placed without the senators' knowledge, but in their names, in order to discredit and disgrace them.

Obi-Wan Kenobi charged the complicit Council members (specifically Maxo Vista) with the murder of Aarno Dering (the events "timing judge" who determined the winners, but also an accomplice in the recording and receipting of all fixed betting) as the Council members themselves attempted to rig some of the Games' key events (such as the bowcaster skill contest at Stadium Seven and the holographic obstacle course at Stadium Nine); Vista also engineered an illegal Caves Podrace sabotage (specifically of Deland Tyerell's pod piloted by Anakin Skywalker), which, it was hoped, would ultimately result in many grandstand-spectator deaths, falsely directing all blame for the disaster to the Senator "bettors." In the end, however, the conspirators walked free when Obi-Wan Kenobi failed to produce key witnesses, who either were dead (Dering), refused to testify (Divinian), or had already fled the planet (Fligh and Didi Oddo). Sarno and Vista denied all charges against them.


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