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This article is about the planet Gamorr. You may be looking for the Gamor system in the Star Wars Legends continuity.

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"I’m all for the element of surprise, don’t get me wrong, but what are you using for a navigation point? Not Gamorr, right?"
―Luke Skywalker questions how Drusil Bephorin hopes to navigate east of Kupoh[src]

Gamorr was a lush planet[5] located in the Galov sector[2] of the Outer Rim Territories,[1] near Hutt Space[5] and on the Triellus Trade Route.[2] It was the homeworld of a porcine sentient species, the Gamorreans,[1] who chopped down forests to clear land for farming.[4]

It was located to the galactic east of Kupoh. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, the Givin Drusil Bephorin needed to escape Kupoh with the Alliance to Restore the Republic agents Luke Skywalker and Nakari Kelen and suggested they travel to the east, causing Skywalker to question if she was using the distant Gamorr as her navigation point. Bephorin was in fact using the location of a theoretical star she had calculated must exist as a navigation point.[6]



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