"So Lumbra—now that we've got it, can you tell us what's in the box?"
―Gamy asks about the content of the Jebble Box.[src]

Gamy was a male Human who served as a member of the crime lord Haka Hai's gang. In the year 19 BBY Hai was based on the planet Mimban, where he set up a deal with an old friend named Schurk-Heren, to purchase an artifact known as the Jebble Box. Gamy however joined a plot lead by Lumbra, another of Hai's men, to betray the crime lord and steal the box once it arrived. When Schurk-Heren did arrive with the box, Hai first betrayed him, offering him an empty payment crate and then revealing his hidden and armed men when his old acquaintance asked to see the payment inside. Lumbra then revealed his own treachery and along with Gamy and the other members of the plot successfully stole the box during a fight that broke out between the three parties. Once off world Gamy, Lumbra and the others celebrated, but Lumbra forbid the others to look in the box. Curious as to what Lumbra was hiding, Gamy opened the box after the rest of the crew fell asleep, only for it to explode and kill him, as Schurk-Heren had brought a fake box rigged with explosives.


"Good work Gamy. Assemble the troops in the courtyard."
―Hai gives Gamy orders upon learning that the crew of the Uhumele had arrived.[src]

By the year 19 BBY shortly after the end of the Clone Wars, Gamy had come to work for the Ishi Tib crime lord Haka Hai. He and the rest of Hai's gang served the criminal within his base of operations on the planet Mimban. Whilst Gamy worked for the Ishi-Tib, Hai struck a deal with an old acquaintance named Schurk-Heren to purchase from him an artifact known as the Jebble Box. Unknown to Hai, one of his men, a Gotal named Lumbra, made plans to betray the crime lord and take the box for himself once it arrived. Gamy was amongst those who joined Lumba's plot against Hai. The Ishi Tibb himself was planning to double cross Schurk-Heren, providing him with an empty payment crate and taking the Box by force if he didn't fall for the ruse.

When Schurk-Heren arrived in his starship, the Uhumele, and proceeded with his crew and the boc to the compound, it was Gamy who informed Hai of their approach. Hai ordered Gamy to bring the rest of the gang to the courtyard where he would meet Schurk-Heren and his crew, in preparation for an ambush. Once the gang was hidden in position around the upper levels of the courtyard, Gamy made his way down and was with Hai and Lumbra when they greeted the Uhumele's crew. As Hai had the payment for the box brought out, Schurk-Heren asked to see inside, and so Hai was forced to reveal his hidden troops and his betrayal. As the crew of the Uhumele found themselves surrounded, a ship belonging to Lumbra appeared above the compound and began to descend, much to Hai's surprise. The Gotal revealed his treachery and those men loyal to him turned their guns on those still loyal to Hai. A three-way fight quickly broke out between Hai, Lumbra and Schurk-Heren's men, during which Lumbra, Gamy and the rest of the Gotal's men successfully made their way onto the ship with the Jebble Box. Once on board they swiftly left the planet, with Hai unable to pursue as Lumbra had made sure all remaining ships in the compound were grounded.

Once safely away from Mimban, Lumbra and his men celebrated around the box with drinks, cheering the look on their previous bosses face when he learned of their betrayal. As they drunk Gamy asked Lumbra what was inside the box, but the Gotal refused to let him or the others know until after they had sold it, having not looked yet himself. Later that night however, whilst the other crew members slept, Gamy crept out from his bunk and made his way to the Jebble Box hoping to find out what was inside. Using a knife he pried open the containers lid expectantly, hoping to see the treasure inside. Instead he discovered the last double-cross carried out during the exchange on Mimban. Not trusting Hai, Shurck-Heren had not in fact brought the real Jebble Box with him to the crime lords compound, instead bringing a crate filled with explosives, set to trigger if the box was opened. Gamy was killed instantly in the explosion triggered by his curiosity, which also blew a large hole in the hull of Lumbra's starship, forcing the crew to land on the a nearby moon.

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"Now we'll see what Lumbras been keeping from us…"
―Gamy opens the Jebble Box, triggering the explosion that kills him.[src]

Gamy was a fair-skinned Human male with brown eyes and brown hair, which he wore in a ponytail. He betrayed Hai while working for him, siding with Lumbra, but after successfully stealing the Jebble Box directly disobeyed Lumbra out of curiosity, which lead to his death. While serving Hai and Lumbra, Gamy wore an earring, a grey shirt, a belt and grey pants.

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Gamy first appeared in 2007 in The Star Wars: Dark Times series of comic books, in the second issue of the Parallels story arc, which was written by Randy Stradley under the name Mike Harrison and penciled by Dave Ross and Lui Antonio. He was then killed in the following issue of the comic which came out in the same year.


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