"General, you've pulled me out of a half-dozen situations I never thought I'd survive. If you think this is a good idea, I'm in."
―Gana Lant to Brenn Tantor[src]

Gana Lant was a stormtrooper who served under General Brenn Tantor for most of the Galactic Civil War. Lant was intensely loyal to Tantor, and later defected to the Rebel Alliance along with Tantor and nine other stormtroopers.


Gana Lant was a veteran of at least six battles which he fought under the command of Brenn Tantor. In each one, he thought he was doomed but was saved by Tantor's strategic brilliance. After the Massacre on Abridon, Tantor was imprisoned on Kalaan after refusing an order to kill civilians. Lant was stunned by this turn of events, and both he and Tantor became dedicated to the Rebel cause. Lant convinced nine other stormtroopers who had served under Tantor to release the man who had commanded them through battle after battle under the Galactic Empire that had turned on him.

In what turned out to be a catastrophic error, Grand General Malcor Brashin assigned them to guard Tantor in his outdoor cell. Lant freed Tantor and informed him of the squad's loyalty. With Tantor freed, the stormtroopers stole the TR-MB prototype and stormed the prison, freeing Luke Skywalker. The group trekked through Kalaan's canyons, picking up support from the Kalaanite resistance until they arrived at a Rebel base set up by Tyr Taskeen. From there, they were taken to Taskeen's fleet, where they would presumably have been imprisoned temporarily along with their general. When released, they most likely continued serving the Rebellion as infantry under Tantor.


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