Ganadotes were an immense creature and biot of the Yuuzhan Vong. After being grafted by the Shapers, they served the Vong as a form of meeting room. Little more than a fifteen-meter-long disk at birth, a ganadote was raised by keepers who knew how to train the creature to grow a certain way.

In many respects, the ganadote was simply a mouth, and anus, and a huge stomach. However, as it grew, a ganadote generated a collection of smaller side-stomachs, which were altered by artificially-administered hormones to become chambers and rooms. The organic valves which shut off the stomach became doors, and the ganadote itself became an immense collection of meeting rooms and conference areas.

Well-crafted ganadotes were trained to allow their tongues to be used as portable podiums. By applying pressure with a foot or staff, a Yuuzhan Vong could tell the ganadote to move the tongue virtually anywhere within its body.



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