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For other uses, see Gand (disambiguation).

Gand was the official spoken and written language of the Gands.[1] The spoken language consisted of drones and clicks.[2]

Gand had a difficult method to address to the first person. A Gand individual never used the equivalent of I to talk about himself or herself, unless this particular Gand was so notable that any other Gand would recognize him or her. In most cases, a Gand said his name, be it given name or family surname, depending on level of identity earned, or even this Gand, and used the third person for the verb. [3]

Most Gands did not have appropriate vocal cords or mouth to speak Basic, so they used translators. A certain number of Gands, however, were born with the proper physical features to speak Basic.[1]

In 8.5 ABY, C-3PO used the Gand language, trying to convince an officer aboard the Chimaera that the Regina Galas was an ordinary freighter captained by a Gand. Though the officer claimed that there was no reason why a Gand would be unable to speak Basic, a translator droid was needed to interpret what Threepio was saying.[2]

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