"My racing days are behind me."
―Gandroff to Revan[src]

Gandroff was a Human male who was a professional swoop racer from Taris.


"Go on, take a walk. My mood's sour enough without you here."
―Gandroff to Revan[src]

After racing for years, he retired and moved to Tatooine, where he encountered the redeemed Jedi Revan, who was looking for the Star Map. Gandroff offered advice to him about swoop racing, and Revan won the Tatooine Sector Championship by racing at Motta's.

He knew Zoriis Bafka and Nico Senvi and admired their skills as racers, but was slightly worried about them being very young, as swoop racing was a cutthroat business.

Behind the scenesEdit

The player has the option to (like with many others on Tatooine) insult Gandroff, or threaten him for credits. Doing so will result in a Dark Side shift.