"The two, a Captain Ganig and a Sergeant Stecker, are both inside the station. COMPNOR made each famous after the Battle of Sagma, but since then their casual observation of doctrine had come to light. If they take this station, COMPNOR will again make them heroes."
―Mar Barezz[src]

Ganig was a captain in the Imperial Army.


Ganig was a captain who served in the Imperial Army, where he fought in the Battle of Sagma and was decorated for his actions by the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order. However, Ganig, alongside Sergeant Stecker, was tagged by the Imperial Security Bureau as "sensitive" after it was discovered that he was not showing proper deference to doctrine. Ganig had also come into contact with a soldier named Linds, who the ISB were confident was an Alliance to Restore the Republic sympathizer. Ganig was deployed in the raid on Picutorion, serving in Tensiger's 6th regiment.[2]

During the battle, Ganig, Stecker and other troops from the regiment, penetrated an Alliance-held tracking station. Ganig was killed during the assault after an ISB officer, Mar Barezz, counselled the mission commanders—Commodore Bevven and High Colonel Theol Drost—to delay starfighter support to their position. While Barezz had no evidence that Ganig was thinking of defecting to the Alliance, he could not take that chance since he was sure that COMPNOR would decorate Ganig again if he successfully captured the tracking station. For propaganda purposes, dead heroes were as good as live ones in Barezz's opinion.[2]


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