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Ganthel was a planet located in the galaxy's Core Worlds. It was an industrial world, with many shipyards and loading docks.[1] A species of beetles known as night-beetles inhabited Ganthel's outback.[3] The slaver group Kotaska operated on the planet until the Galactic Empire arrived and clear away Ganthel's scum.[4]

A reader of Bormea Today from Ganthel wrote a question to the news agency which was later asked to the newly elected Senator Mon Mothma, who represented Chandrila in the Galactic Senate of the Galactic Republic, in 8 BFE on what her favorite Core Drive musician was.[5] Ganthel was the homeworld of the human Imperial officer Rae Sloane. She estimated that Baron Lero Danthe spent more on his suit than her family had spent on their house on Ganthel.[1] Ganthel was also the homeworld of Leeson Juben, a member of the Resistance's J-Squadron.[2]

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