Gardit was a male Human who served in the Republic Military during the Cold War with the Sith Empire. Rising to the rank of Commander, Gardit was placed in charge of Waypoint Station Draay on the ruined planet of Taris during the Taris resettlement initiative. He abused his position of power, greedily taking all of the best supplies and rations for himself, until his corruption was proved by Quartermaster Kahrin Wek and a Republic-allied individual.


A male human, Gardit was promoted to the rank of Commander in the Republic Military sometime before 3641 BBY. He served on the ruined planet of Taris during the later stages of the Cold War with the Sith Empire, where he was in command of Waypoint Station Draay.[1]

Realizing the living conditions on Taris were not what he was used to, Gardit began to used his position to ensure good rations and benefits for himself, while the rest of the base was forced to survive on meager supplies. The base's quartermaster, Kahrin Wek, suspected Gardit's corruption but was unable to prove it without evidence. When one of the baseʹs supply ships was set to leave for the nearest supply depot, Wek noticed that one of the shipʹs engines was damaged. Gardit, however, dismissed her concerns and allowed the ship to leave[2]. The ship had barely lifted off when it crashed in a nearby swamp infested with bogstalkers.[1]

When a Republic-allied individual visited Waypoint Station Draay, Gardit asked them to help recover the supplies from the downed craft. He sent the individual to Wek for the location of the crash,[1] but Wek informed the individual of her suspicions. The Twi'lek convinced the individual to help expose her superior. She gave the individual a holocamera along with the shipʹs location, telling them to record the damaged engine as evidence.[2]

The individual succeeded, recovering all of the supplies that remained,[1] and returned to Wek with the evidence she needed. She and the individual then confronted Gardit, who shamefacedly told the pair that he had not realized the ship was that badly damaged—he thought it could make it to the nearest refueling station. Regardless, Wek planned to court-martial the commander, and thanked the individual for the help.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Gardit was created for Star Wars: The Old Republic, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released by BioWare on December 20, 2011. He appears as part of the Republic Taris mission "Supplies and Demands" and the accompanying bonus mission "Prove Gardit's Corruption". Both missions, as they appear on the Republic version of the planet, are restricted to Republic players, but players do have alignment options. Players can gather the evidence for Wek and complete "Prove Garditʹs Corruption", and they can choose whether or not to give the recording to Wek. Giving her the recording and supporting her against Gardit results in light-side points, while siding with Gardit results in dark side points.[1]


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