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Gardulla Besadii the Elder was a female Hutt of the Hutt Clan prior to and during the Clone Wars. Prior to the Clone Wars, Gardulla was the owner of Shmi and Anakin Skywalker, but lost them to Watto due to a bet.


A female Hutt born on Nal Hutta, Gardulla became a prominent member of the Hutt Clan and was one of the most powerful Hutt crime lords on Tatooine.[1] Years prior to the Invasion of Naboo, Gardulla bought Shmi Skywalker and her son Anakin as her slaves. However, she lost them to the Toydarian junk dealer, Watto, in a bet. Years later she watched the Boonta Eve Classic alongside Jabba with one of her former slaves, Anakin Skywalker participating.[2]

Clone WarsEdit

Following Ziro's breakout, Gardulla and the Hutt Council met at her palace on Nal Hutta and demanded that Ziro give up the Council's records. When Jedi Masters Obi-Wan Kenobi and Quinlan Vos arrived, Gardulla asked them how the Wars was going and denied that the Hutts had nothing to do with Ziro's escape nor Cad Bane. When Vos accused her and the council of freeing Ziro, Gardulla said that he was lucky that Kenobi was with him, or he would not be allowed to leave alive. Following that encounter, Gardulla and the Council discovered that Ziro had escaped. They then hired Bane to track Ziro down.[4]

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