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Gardulla Besadii the Elder's criminal empire was a crime syndicate established by Gardulla the Elder that dominated most of the Arkanis Sector. Like Jabba, Gardulla employed many Nikto guards, and other species of guards. These were mostly killed, when her palace was attacked by Death Watch. Her empire once flourished, but inteference from groups such as the Republic Security Force interrupted everything, especially the slave trade enjoyed by the Besadiis. Gardulla's empire flourished once again after she allied herself with Komari Vosa of the Bando Gora, providing Besadii cargo freighters to ship neurotoxins from Kohlma to Malastare, and in return receive from King Sebolto the end product of death sticks shipped to Tatooine on the same freighters for her own drug trade on the planet. She also used the freighters to ship newly inducted cult members to the burial moon. After Gardulla's apparent death the organization was taken over by her daughter Decca and was based on C-Foroon and later on Mawan.


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