Garek Tolas was a male Human, who served the Alliance to Restore the Republic and later, the New Republic.


Tolas originally served the Galactic Empire, as a member of the Imperial Special Forces. However, after he began to be given assignments that involved killing civilians, Tolas defected and joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic, becoming a member of the crew of the YT-1300 light freighter Lazy Katarn. In 3 ABY, Tolas and the rest of the crew of the Katarn were sent to the planet Dalicron-4, to find Caeleb, the "Child of Light". Tolas helped to defeat the Dark Jedi Tol Skaros, who had tried to capture Caeleb and the Rebels.[1]

Four months later, Caeleb was kidnapped by Thaum Rystra and the crew of the Katarn were again dispatched to find the child. They tracked Rystra to Nar Shaddaa and again to the planet Pamorjal. However, the Lazy Katarn was destroyed by the Pamorjal Freeman's League, so Tolas and the other Rebels began to fly the YT-2000 light freighter Celestial Dancer instead. They eventually attacked Rystra inside the Cavern of Light and rescued Caeleb.[3]

Afterward, Tolas married Mina Dhori and when the Alliance reformed into the New Republic, he served the new government. In 7 ABY, Tolas and the crew of the Dancer traveled to the Temple of Pain in the Tascollan Nebula, where they confronted Rystra and the spirit of the Sith consort Valik Kodank.[2]


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