Garel Shuttle 3765 was a GX1 short hauler on Garel. In 4 BBY, the Spectres Sabine Wren and Chopper hijacked the shuttle after picking up the GNK-series power droid EG-86. The shuttle was damaged in a skirmish with the bounty hunter Ketsu Onyo's ship Shadow Caster. Sabine and Ketsu later blew up the shuttle in order to escape an Arquitens-class command cruiser.


Garel Shuttle 3765 was a GX1 short hauler based on the planet Garel. It was piloted by an unidentified RX-Series pilot droid. The shuttle had a docking ring and was equipped with a hyperdrive.[4]


Garel Shuttle 3765 was a shuttle that ferried passengers to and from Garel during the Age of the Empire. In 4 BBY, the shuttle docked at Garel City Spaceport on a routine trip. Shuttle 3765 was stolen by the rebels Sabine Wren and Chopper, who had picked up the courier droid EG-86 and were planning to rendezvous with other members of the rebellion at Havoc Outpost. When the ship's RX-Series pilot droid protested the unscheduled flight, Chopper switched him off. They were pursued by Sabine's former friend Ketsu Onyo, who now worked for the Black Sun crime syndicate and who had received orders to capture EG-86.[4]

Before Shuttle 3765 could jump into hyperspace, Ketsu caught up with them in the Shadow Caster and disabled their hyperdrive. During the firefight, she shot opened the Shuttle's side door, sucking Chopper into the vacuum of space. Chopper however managed to activate his rocker boosters and flew behind the Shadow Caster. Ketsu then positioned the front of the Shadow Caster in front of the Shuttle and issued an ultimatum to Sabine. While Sabine distracted Ketsu, Chopper disabled the Shadow Caster's guns.[4]

Sabine then attempted to flee on Shuttle 3765 and opened the rear ramp to let Chopper aboard. However, Ketsu used her Tractor beam to capture Chopper. Holding Chopper hostage, she offered to make a trade. The Shadow Caster extended a docking rig to Shuttle 3765. Following a brief confrontation, Ketsu apologized to Sabine after realizing that Sabine's level of devotion to the rebellion. As the two former friends reconciled, an Imperial light cruiser arrived and announced that they would board the ships.[4]

To escape the Imperials, Sabine came up with a plan to blow up Shuttle 3765 while they escaped in the Shadow Caster. She managed to fool the cruiser's commander into giving them two minutes to stabilize the ship's engines prior to boarding. Under Sabine's instructions, Chopper overloaded the hyperdrive while she planted explosives all over the shuttle. Sabine then activated the RX-series pilot droid and instructed him to initiate emergency protocol. When the cruiser's commander noticed that the ship's engines were powering up, they began opening fire on the shuttle. Sabine and her companions managed to flee aboard the Shadow Caster before Shuttle 3765 exploded, destroying the pilot droid and damaging the Imperial light cruiser. With Ketsu's help, Sabine and Chopper managed to rendezvous with other rebels at Havoc Outpost.[4]

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Garel Shuttle 3765 first appeared as a plot setting in the Star Wars Rebels Season Two episode "Blood Sisters", which first premiered on Disney XD on November 18, 2015.


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