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"Your would-be husband spent a year in a penal colony on Garen IV after he was kidnapped and dumped there with a false ID."
―Altronel learns of Makintay's time in the colony from Rebels.[src]

A penal colony belonging to the Galactic Empire was located on the planet Garen IV during the Galactic Civil War. In 2 BBY, the heir to the throne of the planet Hargeeva, Lord Stevan Makintay, was imprisoned in the colony by his father, Governor Makintay, for deciding to marry the lowborn Ketrian Altronel. A year after the lord's incarceration, he was freed during a raid on the colony by members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The colony was first mentioned in "Firepower", a short story written by Carolyn Golledge and published in 1995 within Star Wars Adventure Journal 8, part of the Star Wars Adventure Journal series.


Notes and referencesEdit

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