Gareth Agamar was a male TIE pilot in service to the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. Agamar was born on the planet Coruscant into a family with a long history of military service. Agamar's parents had both served as officers in the Galactic Republic Navy during the Clone Wars and his siblings all served in the Imperial Military. Agamar himself was drawn to spaceflight at a young age and joined the Imperial Naval Academy to pursue a career as a starfighter pilot. He graduated top of his class and went on to achieve the rank of lieutenant commander, serving in several positions in the Imperial Navy, including a lengthy assignment as commander of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Mercurial's starfighter contingent, before being given command of the 481st Experimental Starfighter Testing Squadron. Under his command, the 481st was tasked with testing the TIE/ph phantom, a new starfighter fitted with an experimental cloaking device.