"I don't deserve to live. Kill me..."
―Garil Dox[src]

Garil Dox was a Human male who served as a gunner on the Imperial Star Destroyer Reprisal during the time of the Galactic Civil War.


After the destruction of his homeworld, Lieutenant Dox's faith in the Empire was severely shaken. He continued to operate as usual at his post, until the day Darth Vader himself visited the Reprisal in pursuit of Rebels. Vader's intention was to capture and interrogate rebels in order to locate the Rebel fleet. Dox intended to prevent this at any cost.

Vader ordered Commander Demmings to perform strikes on the rebels and acquire captives, however three attempts yielded no survivors. Initially, Vader attributed the blunders to Demmings' incompetence, however soon realized that it was Dox who purposely left no survivors.

Garil Dox2

Garil Dox arrested by Darth Vader.

What Dox had not realized, however, that the third target on Ejolus was an Alderaanian refugee camp. Dox was shattered by the knowledge that he had wiped out perhaps the only remaining Alderaanians in the galaxy, and begged Vader to kill him.

Vader had other plans for Dox however, and sent him off to an Imperial labor camp.



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