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Garqi refugee camp

"Sarge" overlooking the refugee camp.

The Garqi refugee camp was a Galactic Republic refugee camp located on the planet Garqi during the Clone Wars. The camp was located approximately twenty kilometers from one of the sites of conflict in the Battle of Garqi.

Jedi General Traavis presided over the fortified camp, which was constructed in a grassy valley surrounded by cliffs on three sides. Clone troopers, many Garqi citizens, and several mammalian creatures occupied the camp.

Following the accidental bombing of a Garqian farmhouse, Traavis dispatched Aiwha Squad to search for any survivors. The squad, led by RC-1013 ("Sarge"), discovered an orphaned boy named Evan and proceeded to bring him back to the refugee camp. After delivering the young farmer to General Traavis, Aiwha Squad received Order 66 and executed Traavis in the middle of the camp while Evan watched.