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"Way to go, newbie."
―Garth Breise to Yomin Carr at ExGal-4[src]

Garth Breise was a male Human scientist at the Extragalactic Society's ExGal-4 exploratory base on Belkadan in 25 ABY, where he worked the night shift at the facility's sensor station. He also had the dubious prestige of being one of the first galactic citizens to encounter a Yuuzhan Vong advance agent, as well as one of the first to be killed by one.[1]


Garth Breise was stationed at ExGal-4 on Belkadan, with an ExGal team monitoring the edges of the galaxy for signs of extra-galactic life. He worked the night shift at the base,[1] observing and monitoring areas of space for a scientific anomaly or discovery that would benefit the galaxy; in addition to this, he also had engineering acumen.[1] When an unusual object was detected by the ExGal-4 team entering the Helska system and hitting that system's fourth planet, a team was scrambled to investigate it.[1] However, the base could not make contact with any outside agency due to damage to the communications tower—damage perpetrated by Yuuzhan Vong scout Yomin Carr, who was incognito among the base's staff.[1] Garth would stay behind to repair the fault, a task that he felt obligated to perform regardless of his disdain for it; being reprimanded by colleague Danni Quee was the outcome Garth wished to avoid.[1]


―Breise to Yomin Carr, shortly before falling from the tower due to Carr's actions[src]

Yomin Carr, Garth's killer.

When Garth and Yomin Carr went out to investigate and repair the damaged communications tower, Carr surprised Breise at the summit of the construct by attacking him. The Yuuzhan Vong then cut Garth's climbing rope and let him fall from the tower. Despite his efforts to regain his balance, Breise fell, and died from the hundred-meter fall.[1]

Following Garth's death, the other members of the ExGal-4 team were immensely upset. Garth's best friend at the base, Bensin Tomri, who had left the planet earlier, never learned of Garth's fate; Tee-ubo Doole, another team member, dreaded informing Tomri of Garth's death, but she was never given the opportunity before dying of a Yuuzhan Vong bioweapon unleashed on Belkadan by Yomin Carr.[1]

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"I just want to get this stupid work over with."
―Garth despairing of his latest task[src]

Garth Breise was an active member of ExGal-4, both in professional and social respects. Both competent and hardworking, he was an avid conversationalist; discussing new members at the base was one of his favorite subjects.[1] Moreover, he would praise intelligent observations and discoveries made by team members.[1] Despite his dislike of some responsibilities at ExGal-4, he would take them on with aplomb; refusal meant being berated by Danni Quee.[1]

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Garth Breise was introduced—and dies in—The New Jedi Order: Vector Prime, the first novel in the New Jedi Order series. A supporting character, Garth was Yuuzhan Vong infiltrator Yomin Carr's first kill, and the first official casualty of the war that takes place during the series' story arc. He is identified as a Human male, but no other information, such as his homeworld or age, is given.[1] Garth later received an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.



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