"Dead? What did you think? The rakghouls would buy them flowers and send them home?"

Garthe was a male Sullustan who lived on the planet of Taris during the Old Republic era. During this period on Taris, he worked on a Republic archaeological salvage team known as the Corpse Counters on Taris during the Cold War. Most of his team was lost when rakghouls cut them off, and only Garthe and the Human Cera survived. When Cera asked a traveling hero to find their team and see if anyone else was still alive, the hero found a recording of a dying member of the team, and it was revealed that Garthe and the dying member had stolen goods off of the bodies they were supposed to be collecting.

Behind the scenesEdit

Garthe appears for the first time in the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic published by BioWare. He appears in the mission The Corpse Counters for Republic players only.


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