Garu was a male humanoid Sith Lord of the Sith Empire who lived during the Empire's final years and fought in the Great Hyperspace War.[4] A warlord on the planet Korriz, Garu commissioned Tritos Nal, a master of Sith magic and alchemy, to construct him a powerful Sith sword for him. However, the sword, which became known as Garu's Warblade, was stolen by agents of Garu's rival, the Sith Lord known as the Patron,[3] and the sword was eventually broken into pieces and scattered across the Esstran sector by the time of the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Empire.[5] In 5000 BBY, Garu sent a minor battle fleet to capture the Starbreaker 12—a scout ship from the Galactic Republic that had been discovered in Sith space—but the Patron's agents interfered and prevented Garu from securing the ship.[3] Garu was one of the last Sith known to be in possession of the holocron of the Sith king Adas,[1] though Garu's death on the planet Ashas Ree[2] during the Great Hyperspace War that destroyed the Empire in 5,000 BBY saw the disappearance of the holocron.[1]

Long after his death, the monstrosity Zeta Magnus took the alias Saturna of Garu in reference to the long dead Sith Lord. Jedi Padawan Halagad Ventor connected the names which led him to believe that the title had influenced the Dantari legend of a shaman called Garoo on Dantooine.[4]



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