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The pin-up artwork addressed to "Gary."
"To Gary
―Attribution on a pin-up poster of a Hutt.[src]

Gary was an individual who, at one point prior to 22 BBY, had received a pin-up of a voluptuous feminine Hutt.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The name "Gary" was included within a message that was written in Aurebesh on a pin-up poster of a female Hutt. Displayed on the top-right corner of the image, the message read, "To Gary X0X0."[1]

The image was one of several pin-up images seen on the walls of the Coruscant Underworld cantina in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars second season episode, Lethal Trackdown.[2] The poster can also be seen in a prison cell in the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center in Deception.



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