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Gascon was a planet of great strategic importance to both the Galactic Empire and the New Republic during the Galactic Civil War. It was connected to the fairly distant planet of Demigue by the dangerous Demigue Terror hyperlane.


Gascon was a powerful world, and was fiercely independent with little fear of Imperial pacification, though neither did its leaders feel the need to aid the New Republic. It was ruled by a monarchy, but the Akol religion was an important and powerful force on the world, with a Holy Advisor to the King of Gascon being one of his primary confidantes.

At some point following the Battle of Endor, when neither the Empire nor New Republic were in a position to forcibly take over many worlds, grassroots pro-Republic movements on Gascon led the New Republic to believe it was time to convince the King of Gascon to side formally with them. However, the sitting king was unduly swayed by the stronger wills of his pro-Republic wife, Queen Marilla, and of his Holy Advisor, a corrupt man who gained wealth and power during the lifetime of Emperor Palpatine. The Advisor had knowledge of Marilla's infidelity to her husband with the Prime Minister of Demigue, and hoped to ruin her with this information and put her in the king's disfavor; proof of this was in the hands of the Prime Minister, who had received a gift of a unique and precious ring that had been given to the queen by her husband. The queen, knowing the Holy Advisor planned to make his move the following week at a ball held by the king, enlisted several agents (some reports indicate that they may have been New Republic diplomats) to travel the treacherous Demigue Terror and recover the ring before the ball, avoiding agents sent by the Holy Advisor to stop them.


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