Gat was a male Devaronian who lived during the time of the Galactic Civil War. He was distinguished by his broken horn, which reputedly gave him a lopsided appearance.


In 1 BBY, Gat was a prisoner aboard the Imperial prison barge Purge and was admitted to the barge's medical bay after one of his horns was snapped off. During his time there, he became close to the ship's Chief medical officer Zahara Cody, as she regarded him as one of the nicer prisoners aboard the Purge. However, after the ship was infected with a virus, Gat contracted the illness and died of a seizure as many other inmates and officers aboard the Purge. Later however, the Devaronian became part of the hungry masses of undead who were chasing after the last survivors of the outbreak. The thing that resembled the once alive Gat, even tried to attack and eat Cody, who recognized him barely as the Devaronian had already been deformed by the virus.


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