The Gatekeeper was a holographic user interface of the Chamber of Speech in the ruins of the temple-city of Kaleth on the planet Tython. An ancient relic of the Je'daii Order—the predecessors of the Jedi—the chamber stored knowledge and information about the planet's past and the Je'daii's history. After the planet was abandoned following the Force Wars, the chamber fell into disuse, and the Gatekeeper shut down for over twenty thousand years.

The Chamber and the Gatekeeper were reactivated, however, around 3643 BBY by a Jedi Padawan who had been sent by the failed Padawan Do Zonn to investigate the ruins. Analyzing its systems, the Gatekeeper realized that the Chamber was undergoing a cascade failure and could not be repaired, so it offered to fulfill its duty and give the one who had awoken it any knowledge that the Gatekeeper could recover. Offered a choice between the story of Avamarivash the Warrior-Poet and Maravada the Silent, two leaders of the ancient Je'daii, the Padawan chose to save the history of the philosopher Maravada over the womanizing warrior Avamarivash. Transferring the data to a data crystal, the Gatekeeper said goodbye to the young Jedi just before its systems failed completely.