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Gaxxan brain-slugs were creatures native to the Gaxxa system that were capable of killing an individual. By 3956 BBY, such a fate had befallen the Zabrak mercenary Jurgan Kalta, who was killed by a gaxxan brain-slug left on his pillow.

Biology and appearanceEdit

A species of slug, the gaxxan brain-slug was capable of killing an individual. At least one of the creatures was small enough to be left on a pillow.[1]


The gaxxan brain-slugs were indigenous to the Gaxxa system, located in the Inner Rim region of the galaxy.[2][3]

Gaxxan brain-slugs in the galaxyEdit

By the year 3956 BBY,[4] the Zabrak mercenary Jurgan Kalta had been killed by a gaxxan brain-slug that was left on his pillow. The mercenary's custom power suit had prevented his enemies from succeeding with more conventional attacks.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The gaxxan brain-slug was first mentioned in the 2003 BioWare video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The creature's only mention in the game was in the item description for Jurgan Kalta's power suit.[1] In 2008, the brain-slug was mentioned in Jurgan Kalta's entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, although it was referred to as a "gaxxon brain-slug."[5] This article was written with the assumption that the original spelling was correct.

Neither the game[1] nor the Encyclopedia gave any information on the creature's level of sentience, its appearance, or how the creature killed Jurgan Kalta. While the Encyclopedia mentioned that Kalta was active before the Great Sith War,[5] which occurred during the year 3996 BBY,[6] the Encyclopedia[5] and the game do not mention when the gaxxan brain-slug killed the mercenary.[1]



Notes and referencesEdit

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