"It's good you came, Mister Dotalo. I don't believe Gan Moradir has a representative yet in the Senate. Today, you'll be that representative."
―Olia Choko[src]

Geeska Dotalo was a male Xan from the colony planet of Gan Moradir. Dotalo and his people became frustrated with the New Republic after the Galactic Civil War led to an upsurge of crime, poverty, and starvation. After accosting Olia Choko, a New Republic public relations official, Olia took pity on him and put him in touch with a New Republic official.


Geeska Dotalo was a Xan man who lived during the Age of the Empire and the rise of the New Republic. After his planet was freed of the Galactic Empire by the fledgling New Republic, Dotalo witnessed the arrival of pirate gangs. Those criminals soon took advantage of the absence of military forces on Gan Moradir to steal the colonists' food sources. Additionally, the wells of the Xan's people had been damaged during the fights between the Empire and the New Republic. Dotalo and his fellow colonists were both desperate and angry at the new government for having left them to their own fate.[1]

The colonists managed to save up enough credits to send Dotalo to the planet of Chandrila, which housed the Republic's Galactic Senate, pinning all their hopes on him. In Hanna City, the Xan procured a small basket of fruits and vegetables, which he started throwing at Olia Choko, the public relations representative for the new Senate, while she was being interview on camera by the journalist Tracene Kane. To Dotalo's great surprise, Choko remained calm, and she asked him to step in front of the camera and tell her of his qualms against the New Republic. Feeling intimidated, the Xan was very reluctant to comply, but he ended up recounting the situation on Gan Moradir, ending his story in sobs. Dotalo went from one surprise to another when Choko invited him to speak to the Senate about his people and the problems of their colony. Within minutes, Dotalo was put in the hands of a Republic official.[1]


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